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Mr and Mrs Barnes – Condover, Shrewsbury

We have received a lovely letter from a client who we have recently completed some work for in Shrewsbury.

Dear Rodney,

Vicky and I have been very pleased with the work that has been carried out at our home and wanted to record our thanks to you and your team for the professionalism, workmanship and client centred approach from which we have benefitted.

The work involved extensive restructuring of our existing kitchen to enable a completely different space that could accommodate a ‘design led’ new kitchen. It included the removal of an existing utility room, re-routing of all services and removal of exterior wall to provide a large sliding door access to the garden.

In the first place, you responded personally to our enquiries about the project and supported our ‘feasibility’ studies by providing serial estimates to support our decision making. We were grateful for your ‘getting behind’ the project and making proposals about how we could achieve our objectives including how we could use the existing garage space to enable the ‘kitchen design’ to work.

Once we had agreed the project direction, James provided a Gant chart detailing the project time scale and task scheduling. The plan was successfully executed over the eight week duration whilst being helpfully adjusted to accommodate our needs as much as possible. James remained helpful, accessible and responsive throughout the project, as were Karen and Lindsey, which provided a reassuring ‘direct line’ back to the office. When issues emerged that needed some creative thought, James was consistently on hand to work these through together with us.

Of course, the job was complicated by our having a non-local (based in London and Manchester) separate kitchen designer and provider. James worked helpfully and collaboratively with them ensuring the detailed specifications were met. ‘Kitchen Architecture’ commented on how well the project had gone from their perspective and that the actual ‘fit’ was problem free because the specifications had been fully met.

Once on site, Chris maintained a consistently customer focused approach and, in addition to his excellent workmanship, he persisted in listening to us in order to ‘understand’ the project and took real responsibility for ensuring continuity, work flow and meeting the design specifications.

Your operations approach ensured that all trades were on site as and when required and all of this co-ordination worked very smoothly. In addition, all of the tradesmen who attended site were clearly committed to delivering a ‘quality job’ and each one took care to ‘get it right’, being responsive to our aspirations. We were never made to feel as if we were ‘fussing’ and were certainly never ignored. Thanks specifically to Gary, Richard and Vernon and to Chris (builder).

In the end, we have exactly what we planned and that ‘vision’ – which is what it was for us since it was a ‘radical’ design that we could not be 100% confident of ‘working’ – was achieved in a satisfying and unstressful manner.

Kind regards
Frank & Vicky Barnes

From all at JR Slee Building and Joinery Contractors, thank you.

Mr and Mrs Barnes - Condover, Shrewsbury